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1. HEC Digital Library

2. E-library on Medicine

3. E-library on Surgery

4. E-library on Anatomy

5. E-library on Clinical Laboratory Sciences

6. E-library on Physiotherapy

7. MMCH Publications

8. E-library on Cardiology

9. E-library on Gynecology & Obstetrics

9. E-library on Pediatrics

10. E-library on Research Methodologies

11. E-library on Nursing

12. E-library on Dentistry


There is an ample sized library with reading room, separate sections for teaching staff and counter. It has almost 3000 books related to medical sciences and about 5000 medical journals. It has a senior librarian with other support staff. It has an audiovisual corner that provides computer & Internet facilities to the students. The Library is a major center of health science literature. It is equipped with up to date information and retrieval facilities, books and journals for the students and faculty in basic medical sciences, clinical sciences, community health, nursing etc.


- Seating capacity has been increased to 187.
- Five indexed journals regularly subscribed at MMC, eight at MMCH.
- 4640 recent indexed journals have been added.
- Number of books have been added.
- Two qualified librarians are appointed.
- 12 computers with internet facilities and networking are available.
- In addition, Satellite Departmental Libraries also have a stock of related books and journals

Gosha-e-Rahat Saeed

There is a large collection of books on literature in the library also. It is named "Gosha-e-Rahat Saeed", to honour Mr. Rahat Saeed, a renowned scholar and writer, who donated his collection of books to the library, and which makes the largest part of our collection. It is hoped that while keeping students and doctors medical knowledge upto date with collection of latest medical books and journals, the literature books will help them becoming good humans and citizens.

Books Quantity
Anatomy 376
Physiology 186
Biochemistry 258
Pharmacology 165
Pathology 261
Microbiology 120
Medicine & Allied 499
Paediatrics 167
Surgery 313
Forensic Medicine & Toxicology 159
Community Medicine 161
Gynecology & Obstetrics 192
Ophthalmology 96
Psychiatry 54
Anesthesia 26
ENT 90
Cardiology 30
General Books 290