Pathology Department


Pathology department is spread over a large space and includes four large laboratories, lecture and tutorial rooms and offices. The whole department is decorated with charts, models, equipments, and other teaching aids. The department has rich faculty with two professors, associate professor, assistant professor, lecturers, demonstrators and other ancillary staff. The visual aids are performed in Audio-Video lab-which also comprises of range of software.


The department of Pathology is one of the richest departments of MMC which is well equipped to facilitate learning process. Some of the salient features of the department are as under:

Well equipped laboratories ofHistopathology with 300 specimen, over 3000 slides, over 1000 illustrations, microtome, 40 microscopes, a projected microscope multimedia projector and a qualified histopathologist.Haematology with Daitron autoanalyser, Blood bank refrigerator, 150 slides & illustrations and a qualified experienced professor.Clinical Pathology with electrolyte analyser, biochemistry analyser (two Microlabs), ELISA, Nycord reader 11 and a qualified experienced professor, an associate professor and an assistant professor.Microbiology with Oven, Refrigerator, over 80 slides, and a qualified microbiologist.204 books in central & departmental libraries.There is a separate hospital laboratory