Managing Trustee, Muhammad Foundation Trust

Prof. S. Razi Muhammad

A brief history of his academic achievements and some of his writings are presented here.

Professor Dr. Syed Razi Muhammad is an internationally renowned surgeon & educationalist and currently Dean and Professor of Surgery, examiner of all four Royal Colleges of UK & Ireland and President of Mirpurkhas chapter of Society of Surgeons of Pakistan. He has keen interest in literature and history. His collection of poetry “Sard Hawa kay Dais mein” is being printed. He has compiled some books on history and has many international papers written on various surgical topics which have been published and presented in international conferences. He has been a skilled orator and won various medals on national competitions. He is Managing Trustee of “Muhammad Foundation Trust”, the largest trust of Sindh outside Karachi working in fields of education and health. Some of the institutions running under Muhammad Foundation Trust are:


Muhammad Medical College, Mirpurkhas : First private medical college of established in rural/ poor urban region of Pakistan, recognized by PMDC and WHO.


Muhammad Medical College and Hospital: Largest private hospital of Sindh (consisting 500 beds) out side Karachi. It provides high quality services at very low rates of RS. 10/ for outpatients, and RS. 25/ day for inpatients.


Muhammad Institute of Science & Technology: A leading information and technology college at Mirpurkhas, consisting of a rich permanent faculty.


Muhammad Intermediate College: Affiliated with BISE, Mirpurkhas.


Muhammad Institute of Paramedical Training: Affiliated with Sindh Medical Faculty Karachi..


Early Learning Centre: Class Prep to High School at Karachi.

Personal Details

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Work Address: Dean and Professor of Surgery, Muhammad Medical College, Mirpurkhas, Sindh, Pakistan. 

Post Code: (69000)                                                                                                                                                                    


                     (0092233) 862391                                 (0092233) 503700

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Diploma in Urology            


Bachelor of Education        


Master of Education




Diploma in Medical Education         


Member to the Panel of

MCQ Question Writers

for MRCS              

Granting Institution

Dow Medical College, Karachi




Royal College of Surgeons of Glasgow


Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh


University of London


Al Khair University


Al Khair University


Florida Green University


University of Dundee






1. Pakistan Medical Association

2. General Medical Council

3. Pakistan Medical & Dental Council

4. Pakistan Association of Surgeons

5. Pakistan Association of Private Medical Institutes

6. Panel of MCQ Question Writers for MRCS (ICBSE) All 4 Royal Colleges of UK & Ireland.

7. Panel of Examiners for MRCS Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh & Glasgow.              

Positions held:

Examiner                                           Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh                                        

Examiner                                           Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow                     

Member Editorial Board                   Royal Colleges of Surgeons of UK & Ireland                                 

Dean & Professor of Surgery           Muhammad Medical College Mirpurkhas      

Associate Professor of Surgery        Baqai Medical University, Karachi                                                 

Senior Registrar in Surgery               Freeman Hospital Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Registrar in Surgery                         Freeman Hospital Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK               

Registrar in Surgery                         Shotley Bridge General Hospital UK               

Registrar in Surgery                         North Tyneside General Hospital UK                                          

Senior SHO                                      Horton General Hospital, Banbury, Oxford UK            

Senior House Officer                         Ryde Hospital, Isle of Wight UK                                                 

Senior House Officer                         Southampton General Hospital UK                                             

Senior House Officer                         Lymington Hospital UK                                                        

Senior House Officer                         St Peter’s hospital Chertsey and Rowley Bristow Hospital UK

Senior House Officer                         Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr Tydfil UK              


 “Supervisory Skills” ”.  College of Physicians & Surgeons Karachi Pakistan 2007.

“ACLS” Muhammad Medical College Mirpurkhas Pakistan 2007

“Medical Education” University of Dundee 2005 Onwards .

“Research & Medical Writing” College of Physicians & Surgeons Karachi Pakistan 2007.

“Assessment of Competence”.  College of Physicians & Surgeons Karachi Pakistan 2007.

“Education Planning & Management”. College of Physicians & Surgeons Karachi Pakistan 2007.

“Workshop for Examination of MRCS”. Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow 2006.

“MCQ Editorial Meeting”. Royal College of Surgeons of England 2006.

“Curriculum development”. Continued Medical Education Centre, Muhammad medical College. 2005

 “Computer for Doctors”. Continued Medical Education Centre, Baqai Medical University. 1997

“Medical Writing (including Statistics)”. Continued Medical Education Centre, Baqai Medical University.1997

“Lecture Technique Workshop”. Continued Medical Education Centre, Baqai Medical University. 1996

MCQs Workshop Continued Medical Education Centre, Baqai Medical University. 1996

“Research Methodology & Medical Writing”, PMA & JPMA 1995

“Education Planning & Management”. Centre for Educational Development, Baqai Medical University. 1995

“Short Management Courses” 1993-94 (University of Newcastle)

“Coloproctology Course” - St Mark's Academic Institute, St. Mark's Hospital, London -

“Research Methods in Surgery” Royal Postgraduate Medical School, Hammersmith Hosp London-

“Diploma in Urology” - Institute of Urology, University of London –

“Computer Appreciation Course” (Evenings) - North Oxford College -

“Clinical Surgery in General” - Bristol University -

“General Surgery for FRCS” - Southampton General Hospital -

“Urology Course for FRCS” - Institute of Urology -

“Orthopaedic Course for FRCS” - Rowley Bristow Hospital -         




Liver diseases: Admissions and mortality in a medical ICU at a rural centre in Pakistan

Pak J Med Sci, October - December 2007 (Part-I)    Vol. 23 No. 5    713-716

Syed Zafar Abbas, Syeda Aasia Batool, Iqbal Pathan, Muhammad SR


Awareness of palliative medicine among Pakistani doctors: a survey. J Pak Med Assoc. 2004 Apr;54(4):195-9. Abbas SQ, Muhammad SR, Mubeen SM, Abbas SZ.


Randomised, prospective, controlled trial comparing tropisetron with metoclopramide and placebo in controlling postoperative nausea and vomiting. J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Nov;50(11):386-8. Muhammad SR, Abbas SZ, Abbas SQ.


99TCm-labeled leucocyte scan for detecting infection of vascular graft involving groin. J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Jun;50(6):186-8.Muhammad SR, Jeddy TA, Chamberlain J.


Management of gall stones: the current perspective. J Pak Med Assoc. 1998 Jul;48(7):208-11 Muhammad SR, Abbas SZ, Abbas SQ. 

Removal of a retained T-tube from the common bile duct.
J Pak Med Assoc. 1997 Jul;47(7):194-5
Muhammad SR, Gatehouse D.


Immediate haemorrhoidectomy for thrombosed fourth degree haemorrhoids.
J Pak Med Assoc. 1995 Sep;45(9):256
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Third variety of in-situ carcinoma of the breast.
Br J Hosp Med. 1991 Jan;45(1):17
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Pattern of Gallbladder disease in Pakistan. An audit of 163 consecutive patients operated at a teaching hospital.

Quarterly Specialist. Volume 15 No. 2, January- March 1999, p109-112.

Muhammad SR., Khan NI.


Results of treatment with Sclerotherapy and Octreotide in acute variceal bleeding, a prospective study of 157 patients and a review of alternate modalities of treatment.

Quarterly Specialist. Volume 17 No. 1, January- March 2001, p131-37.

Muhammad SR, Rab SM.



Improving the Prescription of Antibiotic Prophylaxis in a District General Hospital

Muhammad SR. Submitted for publication


Increasing discrepancy in the healthcare provision between rural and urban regions of Pakistan.

Theme and state of art lecture presented at second Medical Symposium at Muhammad Medical College Mirpurkhas on 12th August 2004. Muhammad SR.


Developing a Surgical centre in a community based teaching hospital

Muhammad SR.


Cancer can be avoided

(Published in Daily Dawn in 1995)


Some facts about incisions and closure

Presented at PMA workshop for postgraduate students in 1998. Muhammad SR.


Principles of management of abdominal trauma

Presented at Baqai Medical University’s seminar on Trauma in 1996. Muhammad SR.


Ethics in Medical education and PracticeTheme and state of art lecture presented at 4th Medical Symposium at Muhammad Medical College Mirpurkhas on 6th September 2004 . Muhammad SR.           

Details of Post fellowship Experience

Since my two fellowships, I have been involved in medical education, teaching and examining. I have worked  at major teaching institutes of Pakistan and United Kingdom. I have worked in several Teaching Hospitals and for several years I have trained myself extensively in teaching medical students and postgraduate doctors.  I enjoy teaching and at  present, I work as dean and professor of surgery at a teaching institute. I have been an examiner of Surgery at Baqai Medical University. Recently, I have had the honour of being appointed a Member to the Panel of MCQ  Question Writers for MRCS. I have also been appointed an examiner of MRCS at Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh & Glasgow.


I have been actively involved in various postgraduate courses in Surgery in Pakistan and United Kingdom for FRCS,  MRCS and FCPS.


I have a special interest in research and have been actively involved in several clinical studies.


I have been working first as Associate Professor and then as professor of surgery and Dean at Muhammad Medical College Mirpurkhas which is recognised by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council and is now affiliated with second oldest and one of the largest Universities of Pakistan, the university of Sindh.


From, I worked as Associate Professor of Surgery at Baqai Medical University. I was surgical coordinator at the university. This involved responsibility for undergraduate as well as post graduate training.


I have done a three year Post Fellowship Surgical Registrar rotation in Newcastle upon Tyne.  This job provided me an excellent combination of experience in operative surgery, teaching and research.


Freeman Hospital was one of the largest and most modern Teaching Hospitals in the North of England. It accepted Medical Students from University of Newcastle upon Tyne. I was involved in teaching these students as well as post graduate students at the Freeman Hospital. It was a tertiary referral centre for different branches of surgery including gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, pancreatic, vascular, urological, cardiothoracic and transplant surgery.  I spent five sessions in Theatre every week.  There were two General Surgical and one vascular outpatient clinics, one grand vascular round and one teaching session per week.  On average we had three to four laparoscopic cholecystectomy operations every week.


Shotley Bridge General Hospital was a District General Hospital where I worked with a General Surgeon with a special interest in gastrointestinal surgery.  I had sessions of ERCP, colonoscopy and upper GI endoscopy every week.  There was good experience of gastrointestinal and open hepatobiliary surgery, as there was no facility for laparoscopic surgery in this hospital.


North Tyneside General Hospital was one of the busiest hospitals in the region. It was an Associated Teaching Hospital and medical students from Newcastle University came for clinical attachment in each ward.  There were plenty of  opportunities for emergency as well as elective surgery in this job.  I gained a lot of confidence in operating during this  job.  I also gained good experience in laparoscopic surgery during this job.


My job at Horton General Hospital, Banbury, Oxford was at Senior SHO level, with the responsibilities of a Registrar.  Actually this job was often done by a Post Fellowship Career Registrar on the Oxford rotation.  I had my operating list on Wednesday and I also performed many operations on the Consultant's list under supervision.  The bulk of the work was gastrointestinal surgery but there was agood collection of patients from other branches of surgery as well.  During this period, I performed small bowel resections and GI endoscopies, including colonoscopies, gastroscopies and flexible sigmoidoscopies.  Outpatient commitments were twice a week and I taught medical students from Oxford Medical School three times a week.


Details of Pre fellowship Experience

My job at the Isle of Wight was under a Vascular Surgeon and a General Surgeon with an interest in gastroenterology.  During my preparation for the final fellowship examination I felt deficient in vascular surgery experience.  I therefore worked in the Royal Isle of Wight Hospital under Mr J M Symes (Consultant Vascular Surgeon) and Mr T Walsh (General Surgery with a special interest in gastroenterology) for six months.  During this job I attended a Fellowship Course in Bristol University and took examinations towards the end of the job.  I managed to get a Fellowship from Edinburgh as well as Glasgow.


During my job at Wythenshawe Hospital I worked as a Locum Registrar for two months.  This job provided me with very valuable operating and teaching experience.  Wythenshawe Hospital is one of the Associated Teaching Hospitals.


In Southampton I worked in a busy Urological Unit at a Teaching Hospital.  When on call, I worked as a Registrar to Professor Irving Taylor.  Routine urological work included teaching the medical students, performing urodynamic studies, doing cystoscopies and day surgeries, and assisting the two Consultants in urological lists and doing urological outpatients.  I was responsible for keeping the morbidity and mortality record of the Unit, which I presented in monthly meetings.


I worked at Lymington Hospital as a Senior House Officer in General Surgery. The team consisted of one Consultant

General Surgeon, one SHO (myself) and one House Officer.  Besides assisting the Consultant I had my own operating list every week.  There were two general surgical and one urological outpatient per week.  The duties also involved teaching medical students from Southampton General Hospital and doing daily ward rounds.  During this job I gained considerable experience in

endoscopies including gastroscopy, sigmoidoscopy and cystoscopy.

I worked as SHO in department of Orthopaedics at St Peter’s hospital Chertsey and Rowley Bristow Hospital for six months.


I have also worked in a busy General Surgical Department at the Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr Tydfil.  This post involved the care of inpatients andemergency admissions as well as four outpatient clinics and four operation sessions per week.  During this period I gained good experience in surgical management.  I also presented cases in clinical meetings. House Jobs in Medicine & Surgery and 6 month.



Dr. Syed Zafar Abbas

Consultant Physician & Gastro enterologist

Muhammad Medical College

(Ex Consultant Physician & Gastro enterologist at Hexham General Hospital England)

Mirpurkhas, Sindh, Pakistan

Ph: 00923332971183

Fax: 0092233862390


Professor Iqbal Ahmed Khan

Principal & Head of Pathology Department

Muhammad Medical College


Sindh, Pakistan

Ph: 0092233862391

Fax: 0092233862390


Professor Syed Azher Ahmed MBBS, PhD (London)

Vice Chancellor

Baqai Medical University

Super Highway, Karachi


Ph: 0092214410311 Fax: 0092214410439



Professor Irving Taylor

Professor of Surgery, Vice-Dean and Director of Clinical Studies
Royal Free & University College Medical School
University College London
4th Floor, Department of Surgery, Medical School Building, 74 Huntley Street, London, WC1E 6AU.

Tel: 020-7679 6490 (internal: 46490)
Fax: 020-7679 6470 (internal: 46470)


Mr. Colin Johnson

Royal Southants Hospital, Southampton, Hampshire, SO9 4XY


Mr P D Wright                                                                         

Consultant General Surgeon Freeman Hospital, Freeman Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE7 7DN                                                


Mr R Pollard

Consultant General Surgeon

North Tyneside General Hospital, Rake Lane, North Shields, NE29 8NH, Tel: 091 259 6660                                                                        

Mr R A Kipping

Consultant Surgeon

Horton General Hospital, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX16 9AL, Tel:  0295 275500


Mr J M Symes

Consultant Vascular Surgeon

Newport, Isle of Wight, Tel:  0983 524081                                                                                                           


Mr C J Smart

Consultant Urologist

Southampton General Hospital

Southampton, Hampshire


Tel:  0703 777222