Muhammad Medical College holds 9th Medical Symposium- Dedicated to Flood Victims

9th Medical Symposium an 15-16 September 2011.The symposium was held despite severe weather conditions and was dedicated to flood victims. Earlier last week students and doctors of the college rejected a proposal to postpone the symposium by a clear majority. The theme of Symposium was “Changing Relations Among Doctors, Media and Community”.

The symposium started at 9:30am on Thursday the 15th September with scientific Session-I titled “Hot Topics in Medicine”. Dr. Noor Ali Samoon of Community Health Sciences presented his talk on “Evaluation Techniques of Academic Progression of 4th year Medical students”. He described his technique which took into account students attendance, lectures held and other assessments including tests and told the audience that this technique is being successfully used in some other parts of the world. Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan presented his talk on “Anaemia in Gastroenterology”. He discussed various types of anaemia presented to Gastroenterologist and how best to evaluate them.

Dr. Jeando Khan presented his talk on “Dengue Fever”. He discussed various features of the disease, its investigations, preventive methods and managements. Dr. Mir Muhammad Sehto talked about “Comparison of microcytic anaemia in primigradida and multigravida women”. The results of his study showed that anaemia was more marked in multipara women and he discussed some measures to tackle this issue.

Second Scientific Session was infact 4th Annual Meeting of Society of Surgeons (Mirpurkhas Chapter). Various eminent doctors spoke on the occasion including Prof. Abdul Razzak Memon and Dr. Mahesh Sharma (Hyderabad), Prof. Noor Muhammad Khaskheli (Nawab Shah) and Prof. Ghulam Ali Memon, Professor Ahmed Ali Laghari, Professor Syed Razi Muhammad, Dr. Rehmatullah Soomro, Prof. Javed Rajput and Dr. Sohil Yousuf, (Mirpurkhas).

This was followed by view of posters by the audience. Over 60 posters of original papers were on display; almost all of them were prepared by students and doctors of Muhammad Medical College.

Annual meeting of Society of Surgeons Mirpurkhas chapter was held on 15th September 2011 in Professor Hassan Memon Memorial Auditorium, Muhammad Medical College (MMC). Professor Razzaq Shaikh, Professor of Surgery at Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences (LUMHS) was the Chief Guest. Professor Amna Memon, Professor of Gynecology & Obstetrics, MMC and Prof. Noor Muhammad Khaskheli, Professor of Surgery at Peoples University of Medical & Health Science for women Nawabshah – SBA were Co-Chairpersons.

The session started with Dr. Sohail paper on “An Experience of Alvarado Score in LUMHS”. He explained a descriptive study conducted at LUMHS on over 200 patients where high Alvarado Score was found useful in predicting acute appendicitis whereas low Alvarado Score was found useful in making decision to treat these patients conservatively. Very high score (8-10) predicted perforated appendix, gangrenous appendix and appendix mass with significant success.

Dr. Mahesh Kumar, Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery at LUMHS Presented a study “Outcome of 82 cases of facioculaneous flaps in exposed bones of legs”. The study was conducted between October 2007-2010. Most cases were between 10-30 year of age. 8 types of flaps were used. Most wounds were in heel or middle 1/3 of leg. 15 patients suffered some complication.

Prof. A. Razzaque Shaikh, the chairman of the session presented on “Comparison of laparoscopic to open Cholecystectomy at LUMHS” 619 patients underwent Lap Cholecystectomy in two years. 27 required conversion to open procedure. There were some exclusion criteria for laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. More conversion were required in male (4.36) than females (2.10%). More conversion was done in chronic Cholecystitis (4.5%) than acute Cholecystitis (Just over 1%) more patients with co-morbid factors required conversion than otherwise healthy people. Difficult dissection was most common reason for conversion (18 cases 2.88 %).

Prof. Aman Memon, Co- Chairperson presented a review on “Viral Hepatitis during pregnancy, lactation and its morbidity”. She mentioned that Hepatitis B & A vaccine can be given during pregnancy. She explained the alarming rate of Hepatitis C in the region and thought that all Gynecologist should improve their understanding of the disease. She said that HEV can be very serious with significant morbidity and mortality during pregnancy. She also discussed active treatment of various forms of hepatitis during pregnancy. She said that vertical transmission is less common in Hepatitis C than Hepatitis B. vertical transmission is closely related to viral load. However, she said that Ribavirien is teratogenic.

Next speech was by Principal and Professor of Surgery of MMC, Professor Ghulam Ali Memon, who took the opportunity to thank the speakers and audience. He spoke on “Plexiform neurofibromatosis,” a variant of elephant man’s disease and von-Reckling houses disease, a benign neoplastic condition of nerve tissue. He described its two types. He explained that when various nerves are involved and tumor gets very big, it is called Plexiform neurofibromatosis which is autosomal dominant. He presented two interesting cares of young girls.

Chairman and two chairpersons discussed and gave their opinion regarding all the presentations and appreciated the interest and participation of students of MMC. Finally, Professor Syed Razi Muhammad thanked the speakers and the audience.

2nd Day Symposium Muhammad Medical College holds 9th Medical Symposium Dedicated to Flood Victims

On second day of Symposium, Original Papers were presented by Medical Students. Dr. Rehmatullah Soomro moderated this session Fatima Hameed of 4th year presented results of her groups study on “Gender based discrimination among medical students of Pakistan”. She said this was present in almost 50% of students and senior. Mr. Arsalan of final year presented “An Audit of Bladder Outflow Obstruction” he told audience that prostatic problems were the commonest cause of it. Mr. Shahzad of final year presented “Assessment of Challenges faced by youth”. According to him job problems and misuse of mobile were indicated commonest problems by youth in their survey. Rozina Khaskeli of final year presented “An audit of haemoglobin, WBC and platelets in 201 consecutive adult patients“. She found that average level of haemoglobin was significantly lower in our people than suggested by WHO. Mr. Abdul Ghaffar of final talked on “Symptoms of dysphagia has high probability of Significant pathology” he said that young females were also found to have a significant problem, including cancers, if they presented with dysphagia. Miss Aneela Amber of final year presented a talk as “Is Hijab a Hindrance in Progressing in Medical College” and concluded that it was not. Mr. Yahya Abdul Hanan of 4th Year presented his research on “Prevalence of use of cosmetics among males” and described many interesting results. Rashid Shamsi of 4th year presented “An audit on neck swelling” and said goiter was the commonest problem. Mr. Shamsuddin of final year presented “Audit of Inguino Scrotal Swelling”. Mr. Khalil Babar of final year talked about “Frequency of Iron deficiency Anaemia in Microcytic Anaemia” and found only 60% of such people had iron deficiency. Mr. Sohail Qadir of 4th Year presented results of his group’s study in “Why quacks are more successful than doctors in some rural areas” and said that many patients did not know the difference between quacks and qualified doctors.

This was followed by opening of exhibition. After that session on theme topic commenced. Dr. Shamsul Arfeen Khan moderated this session. After recitation from Holy Quran, Dr. S. Zafar Abbas gave a brief summary of Symposium proceeding and papers presented by MMC students and doctors. A presentation was given on surveys which showed that doctors enjoyed trust of most people in community (39% of all). Another survey showed that in view of media workers, trust on doctors has recently fallen among community. A further survey suggested that ¾ doctors felt most adverse medical incidences are not reporter fairly by the media. Mr. Wahid Pehalwani, Joint Secretary of Press Club Mirpurkhas made a speech representing journalists. He said that it was a fact that image of doctors has declined recently in public’s opinion. He felt that whereas greed has put a bad name for doctors, some doctors’ majority of them are still serving the mankind with sincerity and devotion. Professor Dr. Syed Razi Muhammad then delivered his speech. He congratulated all workers and students for holding the symposium despite all odds of weather and political problems. He described hard work and dedication the key for success in life, especially medical profession. He said it was very important for the training of medical students to learn how the work in difficult environment and said that the way they worked in this symposium suggests that their future is bright.

Vice Principal Dr. Shamsul Arfeen Khan presented vote of thanks after prize were distributed for best presentations.