8th Annual Gastroenterology & Hepatology Seminar at Muhammad Medical College, Mirpurkhas

Muhammad Medical College has been arranging continued medical education not only for its medical students and faculty members, but also for the local doctors of Mirpurkhas for a very long time, in the shape of organizing various conferences and seminars. In this respect on Thursday the 30th April, the department of medicine in collaboration of other departments, particularly medical education department organized the 8th Annual Mirpurkhas Seminar in Gastroenterology and Hepatology in its Mrs. Razia Ali Muhammad Memorial Auditorium. Seminar was well attended by final year medical students, college faculty and senior doctors of the city of Mirpurkhas. Programme began in the morning in which final year students gave oral presentations in groups these presentations were high quality talks on various important topics in medicine while students had prepared the guidance of their teachers. After a break following this session, college’s Vice Principal Professor Shamsul Arfeen Khan commenced the senior doctors session by reciting verses from the Holy Quran. Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan of Mirpurkhas then shed light on various aspects of “Acute Viral Hepatitis”. He emphasized upon the importance of this condition. He said that if one contracts this illness, there are ways to try and cure them, which are largely in the form of supportive treatment. He also discussed the clinical features and complications of this illness. Assistant Professor of Isra Medical University Hyderabad Dr. Nand Lal then gave his presentation on “Coeliac Disease”. He explained that due to lack of awareness, quite often there is a considerable delay in the diagnosis of this disease. He highlighted the clinical features and problems in the diagnoses of this illness. He said that the only satisfactory way to treat it is by strictly avoiding gluten in diet of such patients for life. He explained some of the potential complications faced by patients, particularly if they don’t follow medical advice. Head of the department of medicine at Muhammad Medical College Professor Noor Muhammad Memon then enlightened the audience on “Non – Alcoholic Fatly Liver Disease”. He explained that in many ways this condition can lead to similar situation as faced by some patients who have viral Hepatitis B or C infections. He said that although a number of medications are being used to try and treat this condition, but at best their use is experimental. The only proven way of treatment is by loosing weight by doing dieting and exercising. Professor Syed Zafar Abbas then delivered a lecture on “Decompensated Cirrhosis”. He explained various causes of cirrhosis and the situations which can lead to decompensation. He said that unfortunately in the absence of the option of liver transplantation, the survival rate following onset of decompensation is very high. Following the presentations, Principal of College Professor Ghulam Ali Memon offered the vote of thanks and distributed souvenirs and gifts among the speakers. At the end of programme, awards were distributed to those students who had presented their talks iin the seminar, particularly those students had performed well in the recently held series of tests in general medicine and gastroenterology and hepatology. Shamin Naseem Siddiquie received First Prize. Samawia Chaudhary stood Second, and Mirza Sikandar Baig came Third. Various welcome and introductory stalls were also displayed by many pharmaceutical companies in the programme.