Muhammad Medical College & Hospital held Annual Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training Workshop on Monday the 18th February 2013. Professor Dr. Syed Zafar Abbas welcomed the participates. He delivered a detailed lecture on the importance of the course, and then discussed its theoretical aspects in detail with the help of multimedia slides. He briefed participants on various aspects of the life support. He explained that with Cardio- Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), doctors try to revive the stopped heart of a patient. He said that if given timely to an appropriate patient, CPR provides reasonably good chances of successfully reviving them. He said that CPR is a difficult and mentally as well as physically demanding process for patients, their relatives and also doctors, which is why this technique should only be applied with due care. Later he provided practical demonstration and training of CPR to course participants on specially prepared models and other equipment. The workshop was well attended by the final year students of Muhammad Medical College Mirpurkhas, junior and senior doctors of hospital, some senior students of some other medical colleges of Sindh and also by some doctors of Mirpurkhas. This certified training is provided completely free of cost to all participants annually by Muhammad Medical College Mirpurkhas. The participants commended the efforts of the college in providing such educational events to the doctors in catchments area of the college. Participants were later awarded the certificates of course attendance.